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Info on Local Lancaster PA Area Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly Restaurants

One of the things that all of us who choose to make plants the basis of our diet and lifestyle have to contend with is finding those choices when we go out to eat. Most of us who have been at this for a while have learned what restaurants have what vegetarian or vegan options to offer in our local area. In order to assist those who are not familiar with the area we will maintain a list of local restaurants that are veg & vegan friendly.
If you visit a restaurant in Lancaster County which has veg or vegan options, please share your eating out experiences by clicking the e-mail link below and we’ll put the restaurant information here on the website as a guide to folks looking for veg or vegan friendly places to eat. Send an e-mail to with at the very least the name, address and phone number. The more information the better. Also if you visit a restaurant we have listed here and they are closed or you find things not as they are stated here we would appreciate you telling us as well. Thanks in advance for your help.

Here's our current list of restaurants. With your help we can keep it current. Thanks in advance.
Use the search box to search for restaurants by name or partial name or simply scroll the list.
(If you are viewing this list on a smart phone you will see more information about each restaurant if you hold your phone horizontial instead of vertical.)

Sa La Thai
337-339 N Queen St
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
(717) 509-4850 phone
(717) 509-2073 fax
This Thai Restaurant & Noodle House offers not only a great location in the eclectic 300 block on North Queen but also an elegant yet warmly welcoming decor. They offer a wide range of the ethnic dishes you would expect. Most all are available with either tofu or mock duck. If you are vegan ask that they do not use fish sauce in the preparation of your meal. They are open every day of the week but they take a break in the middle of the afternoon Monday thru Saturday. Best thing to do is to call for hours.  

On Orange
108 W Orange StreetLancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
(717) 299-5157
On Orange opened on 09/30/10 in the space formerly occupied by Wish You Were Here.  From Sarah Roberts 09/02/11 -”My fiance and I live about a block from here, and this is one of our favorite restaurants in the city (we frequently go for breakfast). I know for certain that they have vegan sausage (yum) and they can make the swedish pancakes/waffles (they use the same batter) vegan for $1.00 extra. The owner usually brings our food to the table, so though I've never asked, I'm fairly certain she would be willing to accommodate to the best of her ability.” Hours are Wednesday to Sunday 7 AM to 2 PM.  Call ahead to find out exactly what their vegetarian and vegan options are.

Sprout of Rice & Noodles
58 N Prince St.Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
(717) 394-7462
This location opened in the Spring/Summer of 2016 and is a second location for Rice & Noodles. This location has a slightly paired down menu from the other original location as well as shorter hours. Excellent Vietnamese food and as with most Asian restaurants a lot of things can be made vegetarian or vegan if they already aren’t. As with all Asian restaurants it’s usually good to ask to make sure your dish is vegan and that they are not using fish sauce in your dish.
798 E New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
As of 11/07/2017 Upohar has opened in Lancaster, reviving a Manheim Township restaurant with vegetarian and vegan dishes from around the world. The new 48-seat restaurant at 798 E New Holland Avenue is in a space behind Turkey Hill in the Grandview Plaza. Upohar also offers a catering service that operates out of the new space on New Holland Avenue.
Upohar, which has 10 employees, is owned by Srirupa Dasgupta and Christina Maldonado who also operate a seasonal food truck and a stand at Lancaster’s Central Market.
Lancaster Dispensing Co
33-35 North Market Street
Lancaster, Pa  17603
(717) 299-4602
Lancaster Dispensing Co is celebrating their 30th anniversary directly adjacent to Lancaster’s famous Central Market. They offer a wide variety of salads from which you can remove the animals products. They have Veggie & Bean burritos, a veggie grinder & the LDC veggie sandwich. They will replace meat  in their burger sandwiches with either a Veggie Garden Burger, Black Bean Burger or a Marinated Portabella Mushroom. They have pasta & a veggie stir-fry. With a large number of options you & your non-veg friends will find lots to please at LDC. Please note:  Lancaster Dispensing Company had a fire in September or October 2016 and were closed for renovations to open back up. When we see they are open again we will include it here. Otherwise call first to make sure that they are open.

Isaac’s Restaurant & Deli
Corporate Office Lancaster
(717) 394-0623
Isaac’s Restaurant & Deli is a local restaurant chain that was founded in Lancaster 20 years ago and it currently has 7 locations in Lancaster County. It’s got a bright funky fun atmosphere and everything in the restaurant including the names of sandwiches has a bird theme. They do offer several sandwiches that are vegetarian and if you sub mustard for the mayo they are vegan (although we don’t know about the rolls). At  times they offer vegan chili. We’d suggest checking their website for the locations and hours and of course you can also peruse their menu as well.
A Vegan Kitchen & Bakery
805A Rohrerstown Rd
Lancaster PA  17601
(717) 947-7452
Tivoni, (pronounced TivONee) means "vegan" in Hebrew, Chef Gili Kieffer's native language. Tivoni is a counter service restaurant in Lancaster, offering a 100% plant based menu. Made daily from scratch are an assortment of cupcakes and other special vegan desserts. Our plant-based trained chef creates a variery of international dishes that are both delicious and free of animal products. Gluten free, oil free, sugar free and raw options are available as well.

227 N. Prince St.
Lancaster, PA 17603
10/28/12 - This restaurant opened in the last week. From looking at their menu on-line they have the standard fare that you would expect of a burrito place. We do not at this time have any first hand information. Anyone who eats there is encouraged to share their experience and availability of both vegetarian and vegan options. Reported 1/25/13 “Roburrito's has a potato option which is quite tasty. So if you leave off the cheese/sour cream and stick with rice, beans, salsa, guac it is a delicious vegan option downtown. They also have a really fantastic line of hot sauces in the shop, both to put on your meal and for purchase by the bottle.” 
Taj Mahal
2080 Bennett Ave.
Lancaster, PA  17601
(717) 295-1434
If  Authentic Indian Cuisine is what you’re looking for, then there is no better than Taj Mahal. "Lancaster Country's Eighth Wonder" - Bar Fly Magazine – "Best Indian Cuisine in PA" -Central PA Magazine – "From The Himalayas, music of serene Beauty..."
-Intelligence Journal – "Best Ethnic Food of Lancaster County" - Restaurant Guide
-Clipper Magazine Mani Sharma the owner and the operator Taj Mahal explains,  “We are Vegan Friendly and we do try and accommodate any Vegan customer. We have about 18 Vegetarian Entrees and so many of them are Vegan Friendly. We do our utmost to please all Vegan customers.”

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant
2600 Willow Street Pike N
Willow Street, PA  17
(717) 464-8878
This restaurant is in the Kendig Square Shopping center just south of Lancaster city at the intersection of routes 272, 222 & 741. • Are there vegetarian and/or vegan options on the menu?: There are numerous options! • Is the wait staff and the chef open to making changes to accommodate you?:  Very open to that. • Would you return to the restaurant for another meal?:  absolutely. excellent. • Would you recommend the restaurant to others ?: resounding yes. Any other information that you would like to provide about this restaurant?:  clean, nice service. tasty. wide variety of food from several different cuisines (Thai, Japanese, etc.) 
Sukhothai Restaurant
398 Harrisburg Avenue
Lancaster PA, 17603
(717) 517-9422
This restaurant originally was located on the outskirts of Mountville but moved to the Lancaster location earlier in 2010. It is an up scale Thai restaurant that offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options that are typical with this type of cuisine.
As with all Asian restaurants ask to make sure they only use none animal based sauces.
If you have dined here  recently we would very much like a first hand evaluation to place here.  Please feel free to contact us. Thanks in advance for your help.
Trio Bar & Grille
3707 Marietta Avenue
Columbia, PA 17512
(717) 285-0888
The Columbia address of this restaurant is a little deceiving in that it is actually located in Silver Spring about 2 miles west of Centerville Road. Trio does have a consistently fabulous weekly menu of 5 or 6 vegan items that changes regularly and the staff is super helpful/knowledgeable about the things on their regular menu
The Pita Pit
398 Harrisburg Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17603
Fast Food vegetarian and vegan options have come to the area with the opening of the first Pita Pit franchise in Lancaster on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. They have a variety of options on their menu that provide a healthy plant based meal on the go. Check their website for their menu.
Rice and Noodles Restaurant
1238 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
Are there vegetarian and/or vegan options on the menu?:  Yes  • Is the wait staff and the chef open to making changes to accommodate you?: Always! • Would you return to the restaurant for another meal?: It is one of my family's favorite and we are vegan
• Would you recommend the restaurant to others ?:  Yes! • Any other information that you would like to provide about this restaurant?: They have a vegetarian pho soup that is phenomenal!  - Thanks to Deanna Riccardelli for submitting this review. [01/01/12]

Your Favorite Veg Or Vegan Restaurant Here!Description
Neato Burrito
1917 Fruitville Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
This Central Pennsylvania chain opened its first location in Lancaster County in 2011 in the former Quizno’s location in the Foxshire Plaza on the Fruitville Pike. They list both a Vegetarian and Black Bean & Hummus Burrito (we assume both are vegan if you exclude the sour cream) on their menu and boost 1 lb of goodness for all their burritos. (“They are indeed the largest Burritos that we have ever seen”, from someone who has eaten there.) They also offer a choice of multiple types of flour burritos along with Troegs Beer Chili which they list as vegan. “Every burrito is made right in front of you. You get to choose from our fresh ingredients to create your own, special burrito.  All of our ingredients are either steamed or baked.  We offer no fried foods.”  As of 01/25/13 Neato Burrito has removed the Troegs from their vegan chili so that that the chili would be gluten free
The Dragonfly Cafe
245 Bloomfield Dr. Suite 100
Lititz, PA 17601
12/30/13 - This restaurant opened shortly before Christmas 2013. Dragonfly Cafe, which emphasizes healthy and organic menu options, has opened in the Shoppes at Bloomfield Village, near Brethren Village south of Lititz. The cafe has soups, salads and sandwiches as well as a variety of coffee drinks. It also has whole fruit smoothies and organic teas plus a breakfast menu that features frittatas. Dragonfly Cafe offers organic fare as well as gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, with an emphasis on healthy eating, says 23-year-old Katelynn Zink, who is executive chef and an owner of the cafe.
Tues - Sun 7AM - 8PM  
Espinosa Pizza
323 W Lemon St,
Lancaster, PA 17603
 (717) 207-9237

Report to LVS on 02/09/2015 - • Are there vegetarian and/or vegan options on the menu?: Yes Vegetarian options + VEGAN CHEESE OPTIONS for pizza! Espino's Pizza uses Vegan Gourmet vegan cheese. • Is the wait staff and the chef open to making changes to accommodate you?: Espino's also does not label this very well on their menu, the only mention of it is under the "Gluten Free" option, however they'll put it on any pizza you like, it's charged like an extra topping. The chef at Espino's is exceptionally accommodating and wants nothing more than to please. • Would you return to the restaurant for another meal?: Yes Any other information that you would like to provide about this restaurant?: The staff of Espino's can be kind of... slow... dunno if that's because of a language barrier or other issues, however if you speak clearly and slowly they'll get it right.  When I got a plain vegan cheese, the vegan gourmet was perfectly melted.  With toppings it wasn't melted very well at all.

Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
1657 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster PA
Report to LVS on 02/09/2015 - • Are there vegetarian and/or vegan options on the menu?: Yes Vegetarian options + VEGAN CHEESE OPTIONS for pizza! Pasquales uses Daiya cheese. • Is the wait staff and the chef open to making changes to accommodate you?: Unsure. Pasquale's has been very good about using the Daiya when it's ordered. • Would you return to the restaurant for another meal?: Yes Any other information that you would like to provide about this restaurant?: Pasquale's daiya pizza is complimented very nicely with adding garlic as a topping. 
223  West Walnut St
Lancaster PA  17603
Lancaster’s first ever totally VEGAN restaurant and bar opened on December 20, 2015. Hours currently are Monday thru Friday 4 PM - 11 PM and Saturday and Sunday 11 AM - 11 PM. They have a varied menu which changes every 6 to 8 weeks or so. Stop by often to support this totally new vegan venture. For more information call or check the website for the current menu.

Pho Pasteur 3
2204 Columbia Ave,
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 517-7360
Vietnamese restaurant Pho Pasteur 3 has opened (10/19/2017) in the former Denny’s restaurant along Columbia Avenue at Millersville Road. With seating for around 120, Pho Pasteur 3 at 2204 Columbia Ave. has a menu featuring rice noodle soup, rice vermicelli and stir fry. There are also Vietnamese hoagies, grilled entrees and vegetarian options.
Your Favorite Veg Or Vegan Restaurant Here!Description
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21 E State St
Quarryville PA  17566


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