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Welcome to the LVS Website

Promoting a Plant-based Lifestyle -
For Your Health...
For the Planet...
For the Animals...

The purpose of the Lancaster Vegetarian Society is to provide information, education and support to everyone who has an interest in a plant-based lifestyle no matter what the reason. And at the same time we’d  like to get the word out to the general public on the benefits of a plant-based diet on all levels.
In order to achieve these lofty goals we need active dedicated members who would like to work with like minded individuals to achieve these goals. There is a lot to be done. It will depend on each and everyone of us. Please join us today and spread the word that the Lancaster Community has a “Vegetarian/Vegan Voice “.

If you would like to get actively involved in LVS which would include helping to plan dinners, potlucks and other events as well as helping with other elements of the society, please contact us (info at the bottom of the page) and Join us today.

The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Since 2009, the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (WVBS) has been a unique combination of outreach, fun, and fundraising. Over the years, the WVBS has raised more than US $360,000 on six continents.

Between April 15-30 (or at any time!), groups and individuals around the world hold Vegan Bake Sales to support their favorite causes.

Participants choose their own venue, what to sell, and how to use the proceeds. Beneficiaries may be local, national, or global.

The Vegan Bake Sale is open to any group, commercial establishment or individual! You do not need to be part of a vegan or animal advocacy group to participate, as long as the treats and other materials do not contain animal products or promote the use of animals!


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