Tel:  717-786-7118 • FAX:  717-786-9027 • Webmaster - Phil Allamong Page was last updated Sunday, October 23, 2016 • 7:35 PM The recipes are available as a PDF file. You need Adobe Acrobat on your system to read the file. If you don’t have it, click the icon to the right  to get it free For those who attended the February 18, 2006 Potluck we’ve put together the recipes of the delicious entrees that we had to choose from. For those that didn’t attend you can see what you missed. Click the icon for the recipes -> February 18th Recipes

We’ve created the LVS Vegan Recipe Blog as a way of providing recipes from various dinners and potlucks around the area so if you were at an event or potluck and asked for a recipe and were told that it would be on “the website” they will be in the blog. Click the above icon to take a look for your recipe.

For those who attended the February 24, 2009 Vegan Night Out at SKH and wanted the recipes. Here are some of them. The rest may be forth coming, but you’ll have to check back. Click the icon for the recipes -> February 24, 2009 Recipes © 2016 All Rights Reserved
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